Health Coaching

a personalized counseling based on private consultations to help you find your way to your mental and physical health.

Everyone is unique. We think and live differently, with different preferences and expectations. However, many people at some point start to feel the need of change to reach mental and physical health. But most of them don’t know exactly what to change and how. Others do know what they want, but they stall halfway, they chuck up the sponge and it is always hard for them to restart. I’m here to help you to start your journey, and I’ll be there for you till you reach your goals, till you get to the personal renewal.

Health Sherpa

My motto is: Health Sherpa – a partner in your renewal

My task is to help you carrying your packages, but you’re the one who has to climb the mountain. After completing the challenge, if you look around happily and your life takes a new direction – then I reached my goal.


„Everyone suffering from digestive diseases knows how hard is to adapt a fully new diet to the everyday lifestyle and how much preparation is needed for a healthy nutrition. Personally, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis 2 years ago. Since then, I’m trying to find the adequate way of eating. I highly recommend Edina to everyone suffering from a similar problem. She doesn’t look at your goals only as a part of her job, but also as something she’s passionate about! After the very first consultation I felt we made a huge step to find the proper way to me. Her recipes help me a lot to prepare my everyday meals, even if I’m working hard.”
Johanna, 23


Bence Takács

trainer, choreographer, corrective trainer

Dr. Péter Riesz PhD, FEBU

assistant professor urologist, andrologist, clinical oncologist

Dr. Csilla Kaszab

dermatologist, cosmetologist


Our conversations are always private, we meet personally or online. First of all, I assess your health status. Based on the results I suggest a direction, then we decide if we’d like, if we can work together. If so, we can reach the goal together in approximately 6 months. Of course, throughout this period you would realize changes constantly. At the end of the process I won’t disband my customers: you can ask for a consultation whenever you feel like you’re stuck.


So, what to do?

You can easily sign up by clicking on the red button below. After this, please fill the Health History Survey. It’s very important to me, as I can contact You and have some information on You before we meet for the first time. The consultation can be personal or online as well.


Pantry Makeover

Together we look through the content of your pantry and your fridge, we select the nutrient-rich elements and check the less healthy ones.

You get some advice on how to store them properly so food ingredients won’t go bad prematurely. This way you’ll have to through away less food. I explain you also how to organize them in order to save time the next time you’re writing a shopping list. 

If you would like me to visit you to check your pantry and fridge together, you can sign up here.




Cooking healthy food is much easier than you’d think. Here are some examples on how to prepare dishes that are fast, nutritious and effective for your body – even in a weekday rush.

Cooking Class – at Home

You do cook, but you’d love to prepare dishes faster and healthier? You want to develop your technique and get some advice about the things you must have in your kitchen? Or you can’t cook, but you wish to have someone to improve your personal skills?

I’ve good news for you. You’ve just found the one.

If you’d like to cook together in your kitchen, you can sign up here.


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